a bright light. fog. you can see the silhouettes of four young musicians. their sound creates an athmosphere. energetic. melancholic. the music invites you to dance. to forget every days life. dream. Just breath in and enjoy the world, as it is, in all its vastness.

Since 2014 Arionce exists in this line up - Jonas, Friedrich, Eric and Sven. After first concerts in Berlin (Frannz Club, Flux Bau, Malzwiese) they start to work with producer Cameron Laing on their debut-EP in 2015. After one year of working on their own sound, they released “Sinking Down” in April 2016.

They created a record that reminds you of U2 but also of Foals. Flirring guitars create a certain emptyness. The songs are melancholic but you can dance to them. As with their dynamic live shows, Arionce manages with this EP to carry the listener off into their own world.

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